that horrible day


I woke up to my alarm beeping today is Saturday here it’s weekend here in Nepal. So my mum decides to go on a small drive around the Kathmandu valley. So I followed my daily morning routine and we headed outside at 5 o’clock in the morning. We went to important temples and then Bhaktapur it was the place where our history and culture is fused together there is an old palace and many temples which make it really cultural and historical then we came back home I was texting one of my friends then I felt a light shake. I immediately realised that it was an earthquake.

Then I started running towards my sister then carried her then  tried to come out of my home then the earth was shaking violently. I watched the walls falling down. I watched people panicking. I saw it all. It was heartbreaking.Animals were crying birds were flying not knowing where to go it was like a dark day. It is and will be the day I will never forget. I will never be able to forget that day never in a million years. When the shaking lowered​ after about a minute that minute felt like forever I had never been that scared in my whole life I was terrified. The beautiful city where I had been minutes ago was now gone, destroyed. I tried to call my grandmother as soon as I came to open space the line was busy.

Hoped that the house she live in didn’t crumble down hoped everyone I cared about was fine. Hoped that was just a nightmare. That day we got aftershocks all night. The main earthquake occurred at around 12 at noon. We had to sleep in roads had to sleep in that cold floor I was terrified. I couldn’t do anything I was helpless. We couldn’t get anything to eat because everything we had been inside our houses.We used to spend our days just by sitting and wondering what happened to our friends and family. We had fears in our hearts and bad thoughts filled in our brain.

We had that fear which was eating us. But I was glad  survived I am glad that I have my family with me I am  happy that I am alive with no broken body parts. Even the flashbacks of that day haunts me till date. That day is something I don’t want to look back at but that day is definitely something ill never forget


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