over thinking

So it’s been a while since I have sat down and written about something so today I am going to be writing about over thinking my friend. Seriously people over thinking kills. The most popular time for us to over think is the time before we go to bed. when we close our eyes we tend to think about anything and everything. Sometimes we think about the simple fail in our DIY, sometimes it’s about our crush and sometimes it’s about our future and dreams.

As we all know how over thinking causes stress which may cause depression because of which you may start drinking which then ca becomes a habit and you may turn into an alcoholic and one day you may die in a drunk driving case or have alcohol poisoning or may have liver failure or have some sort of cancer and you may die and that my friend was me blabbering and over thinking things again.

So right now I have entrance exams coming up i know i have prepared well but if i start over thinking then I may not do good in exam because of over thinking. Over thinking makes forget important formulas or minor things like the small key word which could give you more marks. Over thinking sometimes is good because sometimes you are prepared for the worst and the thing turns out as the best.

Over thinking sometimes makes you miss very important things in life-like the ski trip your friends planned with you for the weekend or the skydiving you wanted to do but you over think those things and in your head it seems like whatever you do you’ll die in reality it’s not that bad. but at the end of the day you only regret the chances you didn’t take. So never hold yourself back and do what you want to do. Do what your heart desires most importantly do the things that makes you happy.

Now coming to the main point how to stop over thinking. sometimes when you think you are starting to over think things again then go outside in the fresh air take a breather. Sometimes spending time with your loved ones like your mom or pet or best friend can help. keeping your phone away before you sleep is a great way to minimize a lot of negative thoughts. meditating also helps a lot of times.

Meditation helps to keep your brain calm and collected it helps to release a lot of mental tension and negativity and helps to keep your mind focused. Exercising like running or swimming also helps you to keep your mind off of all kinds of thoughts and your brain is more focused in your body.now most importantly talk.

Talk to the people who you know will listen and if you don’t have anyone talk to your pet ( admit it or not you know you’ve done this ). Now the thing that I love doing write your thoughts out positive or negative does not matter just take a paper and write it. Let your emotions out I know it’s not easy but once you do it you will not believe how amazing the feeling is.

Ask for advice about anything to your parents or friends or if you don’t want to tell it to both your parents and friends then talk to a senior at school or anywhere. Sometimes you may not even know what they have been through and it also helps you to make more connections. Make a list of things you want to do and you do not want to do. Focus on the things you want to do and try not to do the things you do not want to and keep track of those.

Eventually you will find out that you are doing the things you want to more and less of things you do not want to. Your mental health is vaguely affected by your moods so laugh more be around the people who make you laugh and make you happy it keeps your ming calm and does not let any negative thoughts and things to enter your brain which keeps you happy at all times and keeps over thinking away.

So these were some things to keep over thinking away. Now at the end of the day we are who we are we are we can not change that the only thing we can change is our way of thinking and our way of living so let’s do what ever we can to keep ourselves happy and make the best out of what we have and make the best of our lives. Do what our heart desires and keep ourselves happy and satisfied.


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